The experience of five generations in rice cultivation has paid off best in the “Grange” area (surrounding agricultural land of Vercelli), where the Perinotti family has dedicated its efforts to improving farming conditions on our estate, the Tenuta Pracantone.

We made a unique choice: investing in quality, experimenting and adopting agricultural methods with minimal environmental impact, whilst rediscovering the most traditional and valuable varieties of this precious cereal crop.

Today, the company’s expertise and know-how have expanded, thanks to the involvement of new partners dedicated to selection, research and production in the field, and marketing communication of the product. With one constant feature: a passion for our work!


Pirinac Gli Aroni Passione Italiana Beograd


The technique of handcrafted stone mill rice husking guarantees a light shelling of the grain, which maintains the nutrients present in the outer part – it is these that are responsible for the taste and consistency of cooked rice.

The consistency of gliAironi’s cooked rice – an essential ingredient in any professional kitchen – is due to the tough outer layers of the grains, rich in proteins and fats, and to a non-hardening of the whole caryopsis, which can be obtained with ageing. Preserving the elasticity allows us to obtain maximum absorption during cooking.


Pirinac Gli Aroni Passione Italiana Beograd



Pirinac Gli Aroni Passione Italiana Beograd




Rice Carnaroli 1Kg

The rice GliAironi Carnaroli is recognized both for its compactness and for its taste. If you try gliAironi’s boiled rice, you will see the bud swell and smells its fragrance. If you use it to make a risotto, you will appreciate its extraordinary capacity to absorb liquids after cooking, without flaking, which means that several minutes’ resting time are required before serving.

RICE CARNAROLI is ideal for risottos and salads, great consistency with well-shelled grains.

Net weight 1KG


Pirinac Gli Aroni Passione Italiana Beograd