The estate Podere La Cappella was founded in 1979 by Bruno Rossini.

Situated a few kilometres from San Donato in Poggio, in the land rich of historical and environmental tresures, the estate started producing its own wine since 1995 with the excellent brands ‘Chianti Classico’ and ‘Corbezzolo’.



Podere La Cappella


This family Estate vinifies its own grapes from 12.5 hectares in the Chianti Classico area and produces approximately 30.000 bottles per year.
The terroir represents a very important element for the family Rossini and their wines are produced by a rigorous selection of sangiovese grapes from the most outstanding vineyard parcels, grown with strictly organic methods.



In 1996 the company gave birth to ‘Cantico’ and started its expansion, thanks also to the precious contribution of Bruno’s daughter Natascia