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  • Alto Adige D.O.C.

  • Cantina Terlano
  • State/Country, Region, Place: Italy, Alto Adige, Terlano - Terlan(BZ)

    White, extradry, still wine
    Grape Varieties:
    Aging: Rarities, white wines which age on the least between 10 and 30 years in small steel casks. Final maturity is reached after additional 4 to 5 years of evolution in the bottle.

    Cantina Terlano has an unusual offering in the form of its Rarities, special editions of mature white wines that have been left to age on the lees in steel pressure tanks for at least ten years.
    Terlano has the terroir to produce great long aging white wines, as its Rarities so convincingly demonstrate.

Passione Italiana Beograd




Winery Cantina Terlano

Cantina Terlano

The Cantina Terlano winery has a traditional focus on long-living wines. White wines from Terlano in particular have repeatedly hit the headlines in trade publications with their ability to outlast the decades...