Passione Italiana Beograd
  • Riserva del Fondatore BRUT Trento D.O.C.

  • Ferrari Trento
  • State/Country, Region, Place: Italy, Trentino, Trento(TN)

    White, brut, sparkling wine
    Grape Varieties: 100% Chardonnay
    Aging: at least 10 years on the yeasts, on selected yeasts from Ferrari's own cultures.

    A star wine that goes beyond all one’s expectations. Made exclusively from Chardonnay, it is spellbinding, satisfying and seductive. This Cru from the MasoPianizza vineyard is a wine of extraordinary longevity.
    An ethereal bouquet of rare intensity and fragrance, in which the fruity notes from the Chardonnay, hints of honey and a delicate note of vanilla and white chocolate are all in perfect harmony.

Passione Italiana Beograd





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