Passione Italiana Beograd
Passione Italiana Beograd
  • CUVÈE 31ZERO41 Extra Dry V.S.A.Q.
  • Colli Asolani di BEDIN
  • State/Country, Region, Place: Italy, Veneto Cornuda (TV)

    White, extradry, sparkling wine
    Grape Varieties: 90% Glera (“prosecco”) i 10% Chardonnay
    Aging: 1 month insteal tanks

    Cuvée “31041” comes from grapes harvested from medium-young vineyards located at the foot of the hills that surround the medieval town of Asolo (the so-called “ColliAsolani”)
    Intense and delicate on the nose, it has a pleasant, harmonic taste and a smooth, subtle aftertaste.

Passione Italiana Beograd





Winery Colli Asolani di BEDIN

Colli Asolani di BEDIN

The history of the “Società Agricola ColliAsolani” dates back to the early 1900, when the great grandfather Giovanni Bedin started working as a nurseryman and growing his own vines...